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 One of the biggest challenges the footwear industry is currently facing is the attraction of young people. The manufacturing industry in general and the footwear industry, in particular, have to present themselves as a real alternative for young students and focus on digitalization, automatization, education, innovation, research, sustainability.


The ShoeGame project arises in the context of a need for renovation and change in the footwear sector. Within the challenges it faces, two main ones should be highlighted: first, the fact that the industry suffers from an aging workforce, which is not being replaced due to the lack of attractiveness of the sector to the new generations and second, the gap between the training and education offered and the industry demands. ShoeGame intends to address these needs by developing a VET solution, based on digital tools, aimed at students who are either deciding if they should enroll in a VET course or already enrolled.


The main objectives of the ShoeGame project are attract younger generations to the sector; prevent school drop-out and maintain students’ interest and motivation; develop an innovative training approach and learning tools to be applied in VET contexts; promote synergies and cooperation among businesses, universities, research centers and other relevant stakeholders operating in the footwear sector, contributing to the attractiveness and competitiveness of the sector; contribute, on a larger scale, to the renovation and modernisation of the footwear sector, maintaining its value and competitiveness.


The project has two main target groups: students who are at the age to take the decision to enter VET studies, who the project intends to inform and motivate to proceed with their studies in the field, and students who have already taken this decision and are currently in the first year vocational training.