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In order to answer the mentioned needs, and meet the proposed objectives, the ShoeGame project intends to provide future and current VET students in the footwear industry with the necessary skills and competencies, and motivate them to work in the sector. In order to do so, the following activities will be implemented:

Shoegame Learning Methodology

In general terms, R1 will represent the implementation of the following activities:

  • An analysis to perceive the training and education needs of pre-VET and VET students, in order to select the knowledge and skills related to the footwear sector that should be the object of training through the serious game;
  • A compilation of the best experiences in other sectors that allow the partnership to identify the limits, characteristics and expected benefits of its application in the training of footwear workers;
  • The specification of the methodology to be applied and the development of the training contents to be included in the platform;
  • The development of the content to be included in the game, according to the agreed methodology. Partners can adapt and improve contents that already exist in the field of footwear teaching, or they can develop contents from scratch.

UNIT 1: Product Design

UNIT 2: Manufacturing Processes

UNIT 3: New Technologies in Footwear

UNIT 4: Sustainability and Circularity

UNIT 5: Marketing and Merchandising

ShoeGame Serious Game

This project result concerns the production of a serious game aimed at current and future or potential VET students in footwear manufacturing. The ShoeGame will be innovative, not only because it will target, specifically, the footwear industry, but also because:

  • It will be a learning tool to be used in the classroom;
  • It will allow the development of digital skills by the students;
  • It will have a positive impact in retaining students who are already in the VET system from abandoning their studies, as well as motivate potential future students;
  • It will represent a “step-in” to the technological area of game development for educational purposes, and the application of these tools in the classroom.

ShoeGame Support Tools

In this project result, the partnership will create a package of guidelines, methodology and materials to support the tutors/teachers in the implementation of video games and/or gamification in their teaching strategies. The use of innovative learning tools as gamification strategies (e.g. serious games) has been found to be a relevant approach because they can not only teach and reinforce sector-specific knowledge, but also important skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. Therefore, the activities in this project result will have as objectives not only to make guidelines for using the video games but also to contribute to the use of gamification strategies in VET in footwear manufacturing or in the activities of dissemination and motivation targeted to future young people who will study vocational training.